Yudi Prajaksa has been appointed as the Executive Chair of YEPARI since 2020. Originally from Bali, Yudi has a decade of experience in hospitality.

YUDI PRAJAKSA, Executive Chair

Willa Kamatang is the Executive Director of YEPARI since 2020. Willa oversees the day-to-day operations of the foundation and all its activities.

WILLA KAMATANG, Executive Director

Muhamata Youda is the Director – Cooperation & Partnership. Youda is responsible for partnerships and corporate communications.

Diah Suci Rahayu is the Director – Finance & Admin of YEPARI since 2020. Cici oversees all the financial aspects of the foundation.

DIAH SUCI RAHAYU, Director - Finance & Admin

Widi Surya is the Director of Creative of YEPARI since 2020. Widi is responsible for all the creative works of the foundation.

Anang Saputra is the Director – Marketing Communication of YEPARI since 2020. Putra has vast knowledge in marketing communication.

ANANG SAPUTRA, Director - MarComm

Anno is the Director – Operations of YEPARI since 2020. Anno’s expertise includes Operations and Event Management. 

AVIRIANO IRSHADI, Director - Operations

Dessy Handayani is the Director – Activities of YEPARI since 2020. Dessy has been in the hospitality industry both national and international.

DESSY HANDAYANI, Director - Activities

Novia Dewi is the Corporate Secretary of YEPARI since 2020. She is responsible for all the secretarial matters of the foundation.

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