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We offer certification in hotel e-commerce, digital marketing, social media, ancillary revenue, spa, and revenue management.

Certified Hotel E-Commerce Professional

The CHEP certification will equip anyone starting or specialising in hotel e-commerce and can help excel in your current position. This certification will help you move further toward your career goals and be one of the best e-commerce professionals in the hotel industry.

Certified Hotel Digital Marketing Professional

The CHDMP certification aims at amplifying and excelling the knowledge and skills of hotel professionals in the area of hotel digital marketing. This certification offers a holistic approach how to leverage hotel digital marketing in the 21st century to hotel commercial success.

Certified Hotel Social Media Professional

The CHSMP certification is designed for anyone who wants to move further towards his or her career as a hotel social media professional and be one if the first professionals to have this certification. This certification can be a complement to anyone who has taken the CHSMP certification.

Certified Hotel Ancillary Revenue Professional

The CHARP certification aims at maximising the hotel ancillary revenue including spa, F&B, and other non-room products. This certification equips anyone wanting to master the ancillary revenue with the knowledge and skills necessary to be the expert in this field.

Certified Hotel Revenue Professional

The CHRP certification is specifically designed for the current revenue manager wanting to move further or anyone wanting to be a revenue manager with solid knowledge and skills. This certification has two requisites, ie CHEP and CHDMP.

Certified Hotel Spa Professional

The CHSP certification aims at providing the spa managers with solid understanding how a spa business is managed as a profit centre. This certification is designed to update the knowledge of the spa professionals including best practices and revenue management

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